What To Measure When Losing Weight

What To Measure When Losing Weight

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What To Measure When Losing Weight

If you’re anything like I was, you might be wondering what to measure when losing weight.
Luckily I’m here to teach you 4 very different methods of measuring yourself and tracking progress as you lose weight.

  1. The good old fashioned bathroom scalesWhat To Measure When Losing Weight

    These are really easy to use, you just get naked and stand on them and it tells you your weight. The best way to measure yourself on bathroom scales is to do it at the same time of the day, every day, and then get a weekly average and compare week by week. For example, you weigh yourself every day at 9AM. Over the week, your weight is 220.7,221,220.5,221.2,220.3,221.1,220.1, so your average for the week would be 220.7. Then you do the same thing next week and compare the weekly average to see if you lost weight in that week.

  2. The infamous body mass index, aka BMIWhat To Measure When Losing Weight

    BMI takes into account your height, which is why it is not ideal for someone who is still growing. It also doesn’t take into account muscle mass, so if you weigh a lot because you are really muscly, you might be considered obese according to BMI. If you don’t have a lot of muscle mass and you aren’t still growing taller, your BMI will give you an insight into your current weight condition. The way of calculating it is (weight in kilograms/(height in metres*height in metres)), or just go here and enter your info into the calculator. A BMI of 18.5-25 is considered normal. Anything lower is underweight and anything higher is overweight.

  3. The body-fat percentage, AKA BF%What To Measure When Losing Weight

    Out of the 4 different measurement methods, this one is the hardest to do. It’s really too hard for me to explain in a blog post, so I’ll link you to a video that teaches you exactly how to measure it here. Just like BMI, BF% probably isn’t the best measurement if you’re purely trying to lose weight. However, it is useful if you’re trying to put on muscle.

  4. The mirrorWhat To Measure When Losing Weight

    Out of all 4 methods, this one is probably the best for tracking your weight loss progress. If the scale says you lost 3 pounds, that’s great, but if you don’t see it in the mirror chances are you aren’t really going to care. After all, the numbers on the scale are just that – numbers. When you’re losing weight, you only care about how you feel and how you look. If you notice you look a lot better in the mirror and you feel better, but the scales haven’t dropped down, who the hell cares?

There you have it, 4 very different, very effective weight loss measurement methods. If I was losing weight again I would focus solely on #1 and #4, but if you’re the type who goes all out you’ll likely end up trying them all. You’ll also likely checkout my other blog posts on motivation and diet.

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