What To Avoid When Losing Weight

What To Avoid When Losing Weight

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what to avoid when losing weight

People ask me what to avoid when losing weight so often I decided to do a post about it. While most of it is common sense (avoid eating too much!), there are certain things you need to know to avoid when losing weight. These are a few of them.

  • Processed foods.

    what to avoid when losing weightWhere do I even begin with processed foods? They’re everywhere. If I went to a grocery store I’m almost certain 70% or more of the food there would be processed in one form or another. Most of the nutrients have been sucked out and replaced with high amounts of salt, sugar, and shitty preservatives. Most processed foods have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, such as french fries, potato chips, soda, margarine, most childrens cereals(!), the list goes on and on. Stay the hell away from processed foods and I absolutely guarantee you will be a happier, healthier, fitter person because of it.

  • Negative people.

    what to avoid when losing weightThese┬ápeople are nearly as bad for you as processed foods. They’ll suck away all of your motivation and try to bring you down to their level. They might tell you things like “Oh, you don’t need to lose weight you look fine!” or “Cmon, just one piece of cake! You can start your diet tomorrow!”. Try your hardest to avoid these people and surround yourself with positive people who will help you achieve your goals instead of talking you out of them. Assholes.

  • Fads and scams.

    what to avoid when losing weightAvoiding fad diets and scams is probably the easiest weight loss pitfall to avoid. Just don’t buy “miracle pills” that will “help you lose 20 pounds in just 10 days!”. Weight loss is a slow process that takes a lot of time. Suck it up and deal with it instead of buying in to fad diets and scams that will only burn a hole in your wallet and waste your time.

Those are just a few things to avoid when losing weight. On the flip-side, if you want to know what to do to actually achieve weight loss, check out some of my other posts like how to get motivated or 7 healthy foods.

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