What Exercise Is Good For Weight Loss

What Exercise Is Good For Weight Loss

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What exercise is good for weight loss

What exercise is good for weight loss? All of them. Seriously. Anything that gets you up and active is good. Some are better than others, so I’m going to list my favourite 3.

  1. SwimmingWhat exercise is good for weight loss

    I love swimming. There’s something about ocean swimming that really makes you feel alive. The freezing cold water, the salty taste in your mouth, the huge crashing waves threatening to drown you at any moment. Love it. But did you know that swimming is also good for weight loss? Chances are you did, because let’s be real, any exercise is good for weight loss. A daily 30 minute swim at your local swimming pool could burn off up to 400 calories. Don’t get too excited, because those results aren’t typical. You see, due to the waters bouyancy, and the fact that fat floats, it’s actually harder to burn calories the heavier you are. There’s also the temperature. It’s easier to maintain your body temperature during or directly after a swim, so less energy is spent in that regard. You can read more about all that boring sciency stuff here . With all of that being said, swimming is still a good exercise if you’re trying to lose weight. It might not be as good as cycling or running, but it has other advantages such as being easier and more fun.

  2. CyclingWhat exercise is good for weight loss

    I also love cycling. Riding a bike at really fast speeds down a hill is a real rush. Like swimming, it’s also a good exercise if you’re looking to lose weight. You can burn between 500 and 600 calories an hour if you’re riding at a reasonable pace, so it definitely has that going for it. There’s also a lot of variety; you can go really really fast, or you can go really really slow, or you can alternate between really fast or really slow, the possibilities are endless. Bonus tip: ride to and from work, the exercise will add up and before you know it you’ll be dropping fat like crazy.

  3. RunningWhat exercise is good for weight loss

    I love running even more than swimming and cycling. You might say I’m addicted. I run at least 4 times a week, and have been doing so for the last 3 years. If you asked me how I managed to lose weight, I’d say it was definitely due to my running. Once you start, you get an addiction and you don’t ever want to stop. Which is great, because running, even at a slow pace, burns a decent number of calories (300-400 per hour at a slow pace, 700-800 at a fast pace). You’ve got two choices when it comes to running; treadmill or outside. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The treadmill makes it possible to run inside your own home, away from judging eyes. Running outdoors is free, and the fresh air is great for your lungs. You can pick one or do both. Personally, I use a treadmill so I can watch TV while I run.

Those are my 3 favourite exercises for weight loss. Adopting even one of these exercises on a regular basis is a step in the right direction. Do all 3? You’re on the fast track to weight loss.

So what’s next? Fixing your diet of course! You can do that by reading my post about healthy foods, and also this one about green smoothies!

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