Top 5 Reasons To Lose Weight

Top 5 Reasons To Lose Weight

top 5 reasons to lose weight

We all know that more and more people are becoming overweight and obese, but what I only found out recently was that in a 2008 WHO study, 1.4 billion (that’s BILLION with a B) adults were found to be overweight, and a further 500 million were obese (WHO STUDY). That’s a third of the ENTIRE WORLD’S population, either overweight or obese.

Reading that statistic frightened me, and it should frighten you too. We all know that being overweight is bad for a multitude of reasons, and we all know the general process to lose weight. I believe, and my belief is echoed by nearly everyone else in the weight loss industry, that the number one reason why people fail to lose weight, is lack of motivation.

So with that in mind, I’m going to try to motivate you right now, with my top 5 reasons to lose weight:

  1. You’ll be healthier. Did you know that if you are obese, and you’re in a car crash, you are 80% more likely to die than if you were a normal weight? This is partially due to the extra fat cushioning against the seat belt, which causes the individuals body to move much further forward (before the seat-belt effectively restrains them) than someone who isn’t obese (MIRROR UK). I could go on and on and list 100 different scenarios where obese people die at a disproportionate rate compared to people in a healthy weight range, but you already know that you’re more likely to die if you’re obese. That’s why in my top 5 reasons to lose weight list, your improved health is #1. top 5 reasons to lose weightIf you’re dead, all the other benefits you could get from losing weight are erased, permanently. It’s odd that people dying from cancer say they’d do ANYTHING to live, that if there was a guaranteed way to survive they would do it hands down, yet people slowly dying from obesity don’t make the choice to survive, even though it’s right there in front of them. In front of you. Do it for your health, because while it might seem like it’s not an issue right now, it WILL end up taking your life if you let it.
  2. You’ll feel better. Similar to #1 in my top 5 reasons to lose weight, feeling better is all because of your improved health. Take it from me, as a formerly overweight man, you feel absolutely incredible when you’ve lost weight. You’ll feel less sluggish in your movements, you’ll be less and less out of breath when going about your daily life (tasks which should be simple, like walking up a flight of stairs, become simple again!), not to mention you’ll feel happier and even more alert and awake. top 5 reasons to lose weightMen, you’ll last longer in bed and be able to maintain a longer erection, so there’s also that! Women, you’ll be less likely to suffer from complications during pregnancy! So go on, do it, lose weight so that you’ll feel like a new you.
  3. You’ll look better. For most people, this is the reason they first decide to lose weight. I was the same; I didn’t give a damn about my health or feeling better, I just wanted to look better. And you know what? As long as it gets you into the gym, working out, and eating healthier, that’s fine! A combination of cardio and resistance (weights) training will give you that sexy toned body, and eating healthier will improve your skin and help you to lose weight. Before and after pictures are usually pretty inspirational, so here’s one I like: top 5 reasons to lose weightAgain, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight for your appearance, because you’ll also be getting healthier in the process, so don’t let anyone tell you you’re losing weight for the “wrong reasons”.
  4. You’ll be more confident. Another great reason to lose weight is the confidence boost it will provide you. Before I lost weight, I was too scared to take my shirt off at the beach because I thought people would be looking at my man-boobs, but now? I walk around the house all day without a shirt on and I don’t feel the slightest bit worried! (I talk more about this in my eBook, From Fat To Fit) top 5 reasons to lose weightNot only will you be more confident with your body, you’ll be more confident in all aspects of your life. Talking to the opposite sex, demanding that promotion, taking calculated risks in the workplace. If you don’t have the confidence to do those things yet, losing weight might help you out. The final benefit of increased confidence is, you’ll be able to lose more weight. See, the more confident you get in your ability to lose weight, the less likely you will be to lose focus or motivation, it’s like a positive feedback loop that only ends when you’ve lost all the weight that you need to.
  5. There’ll be less (or no) public staring/snickering/shaming. If you’re overweight then I bet you’d know how it feels to be stared at for your size. It sucks, but like it or not it’s never going to change. People aren’t going to suddenly become more tolerant and nice overnight, so the only thing you can do to stop this is to lose weight. top 5 reasons to lose weightNormally I don’t advocate changing yourself for other people, but in this case, you’re still losing weight for YOU. You’re doing it because you’ve had enough of all of the staring, the rude comments, and sometimes even the bullying. This point isn’t as strong as the preceding four, but that’s because there aren’t that many legitimate reasons to lose weight for yourself.

So that was my top 5 reasons to lose weight list, like always, if you have any comments about this list, voice them in the comment section below.

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