Tips For Dieting And Weight Loss

Tips For Dieting And Weight Loss

Tips For Dieting And Weight Loss

Weight loss is hard enough with the right information, but way harder without it. Here are some helpful tips for dieting and weight loss.

  1. Track calories

    Make sure you track everything that enters your body. Either write it all down on a piece of paper and tally the calories, or use a free program like My Fitness Pal to do it all for you. If you aren’t tracking calories you really have no idea how much you’re eating. It is so so so easy to go over your calorie limit if you aren’t tracking calories. This is by far the most important tip for dieting and weight loss.

  2. Natural foods

    Try to eat natural, healthy foods, and stay away from processed food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, and nuts are good. French fries, potato chips, soda, margarine, and sugary cereals are not. Not only do processed foods have little to no nutritional value, they are also usually high in sugar, salt, and calories. Stay away from this crap.

  3. Exercise more

    As little as 10 minutes a day adds up to 70 minutes a week, which can be an extra 500-1000 calories that you are burning. Over the span of a year, this can add up to multiple pounds of fat. Exercise is also really really fun. I’m not making that up either. Find something that gets you moving that you enjoy. Maybe find a zumba class nearby, whatever. Point is you need to enjoy it or you aren’t going to stick to it. Cardio is a good starting point if you’ve never done much exercise, and you can learn more here.

  4. Drink water

    Water is amazing. It keeps you feeling full, so you’re less likely to want to eat more food. It’s great for your kidneys and liver, flushing them out to remove toxins and other bad stuff. You can also replace other drinks with water. Let’s say you currently have a can of soda every day, and you decide to replace that with water. By cutting out that single can of soda a day, you will be consuming between 1000-2000 less calories a week, and losing a few extra pounds a year.

  5. Don’t quit

    This is more important than tracking your calories, because if you quit, you’ve given up. You’ve failed. Before you get to the point of quitting you need to re-evaluate your goals and decide if it’s really worth it to you. Sure, losing weight is tough, but dying at a stupidly young age because you were too scared to change is tougher, in my opinion. If you’re feeling like you can’t succeed, stop being a negative Nelly and checkout my post about motivation.

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