7 Secrets Of Weight Loss

7 Secrets Weight LossEver wondered why you’re failing to lose weight? It could be because you’re setting yourself up for failure without even knowing it. Introducing “The 7 Secrets Of Weight Loss”, our introductory eBook, which goes over some of the most important tips when it comes to weight loss that don’t get talked about much. Did I mention it’s FREE? All you have to do is tell us where to send it by clicking here.

From Fat To Fit

From Fat To FitExploring my own weight loss journey, this eBook details everything I did to lose weight. This is not simply a “weight loss program”, but more of a personal story that you can follow along with, and understand how everything comes together. There is also a section that explains how everything I did relates to your own weight loss journey. Since it’s rather short and doesn’t contain any advanced information, I made it cheap, only $9.95. Grab it by clicking here.

The Metabolic Cookbook

metaboliccookingWith over 250 fat-burning recipes, this cookbook is a must have for anyone serious about weight loss. Not only have I used it, I use it on a daily basis, and am constantly finding new recipes to try out. The food is delicious, nutritious, and in most cases, really really cheap. With a price tag of $49 USD (that’s under 20c per recipe!), you really can’t go wrong with the Metabolic Cookbook. Click here to grab your copy.