How Much Fiber For Weight Loss

How Much Fiber For Weight Loss

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How Much Fiber For Weight Loss

Fiber plays a key part in weight loss, and chances are you aren’t getting enough of the stuff. So what is fibers role in weight loss? How much fiber is needed, And how do you get more of it? I’ll answer these questions for you right now!

Fiber and Weight Loss

In short, fiber aids in weight loss by making us feel full, so we tend to eat less food, and lose weight. The average American consumes only 12g of fiber a day, which is way under the 20-35g recommended. If everyone ate between 20 and 35 grams of fiber a day, there’s a good chance that there would be far fewer overweight people around.

How much fiber do you need?

Certain sources cite different numbers, but the range of 20-35 seems to be about right. According to an Institute of Medicine formula, 14g for every 1000 calories is how much fiber we should be consuming. So if I was on a 3000 calorie diet, I should be getting 14*(3000/1000)=42g of fiber. A note of caution; when you start increasing your fiber consumption, make sure you do it gradually. A sudden increase in fiber can result in abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea or constipation.

How to get more fiber!

Dairy and meats contain no fiber, so your best option for upping your fiber consumption is by eating more natural, organic foods. Foods such as beans, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, and whole grains (wheat, oats, etc) are all good sources of fiber. A 400g tin of baked beans contains something ludicrous like 25g of fiber, more than half of your daily recommended amount.

There you have it, the basics of fibers effects on weight loss. Keep in mind that while increasing your fiber WILL have an effect on weight loss, it probably WON’T be a large enough effect that you’ll notice any substantial changes. The key to weight loss is making many small changes, like eating healthier, eating less, tracking calories, exercising, staying motivated, and increasing your fiber. Do all of these and before you know it you’ll be 50 pounds lighter and a whole lot happier.

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