How Do I Start Losing Weight?

How Do I Start Losing Weight?

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How Do I Start Losing Weight

A lot of overweight or obese people desperately want to lose weight, but are stuck asking themselves the question¬†“how do i start losing weight?!”

As the famous chinese philosopher Lao-tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So what is this “single step” when it comes to weight loss? How do you start losing weight?

Some would tell you to go on an exercising rampage 2 hours a day 7 days a week. Others might say you should go on a strict sub 1000 calorie-a-day diet. And a minority would claim you have to take their miracle diet pill.¬†I’m sure each of those methods work to a degree, even the weight loss pills, but there is a far better long term method for losing weight, that you can put into practice right now and start seeing results nearly immediately.

There are 5 steps to my method, follow them all and you won’t just start losing weight, you’ll continue losing weight until you achieve your dream body!

  1. Eating a little bit less

    This step is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. You know that if you eat less food, you’ll be consuming less calories, meaning you’ll be losing weight. Following this logic, if you simply reduced your calorie intake by 10%, you could lose 10-20 pounds of fat a year. And 10% isn’t even a lot! You could literally start reducing your meal size by 10% today, with your next meal. Do it!

  2. Eating a little bit healthier

    Eating healthier is, in my opinion, slightly harder than eating less, because you have to make real changes to the food you put in your body. That’s why it’s always best to start small. Replace a soda with a glass of water. Replace deep friend chips with a baked potato. Replace ice cream with yoghurt. Make a few healthy food swaps with the foods listed here and before you know it you won’t even notice how healthy you’ve become.

  3. Exercising a little bit more

    Do you do any exercise on a regular basis? No? That’s ok, but from now on you’re going to do 5 minutes of exercise every day. Don’t try and give me any BS about how you can’t find 5 minutes, because everyone can find 5 minutes. Start slow with walking or swimming, or any number of beginner exercises, and work your way up. Once 5 minutes a day of fast walking gets easy, make it 10 minutes of jogging, and then maybe 15 minutes of cycling, and then boom, you’ll be doing an hour long run every day. Start small and build up, but make sure you start!

  4. Tracking your calories

    If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know how important I think this step is. It’s one thing to be eating less bad food, eating less food altogether, and exercising, but if you aren’t tracking all of the calories you will never know if you’re actually doing enough to achieve weight loss. I remember when I first tried to lose weight by exercising, I didn’t change my diet at all and was surprised when I didn’t lose weight. Looking back, I realize I didn’t lose weight because I wasn’t creating a calorie deficit, and I didn’t know this because I wasn’t tracking calories. If you don’t know how to track them, read my guide I wrote here.

  5. Staying motivated

    By far the most important step, because if you’re not motivated you’ll give up. Find what makes you motivated and feed on it, let it become a burning energy inside of you that will not let you fail. I know guys who have struggled to lose weight for years, but one day it all starts going right for them. It’s the motivation. If you’re completely motivated, you won’t half-ass your diet, you won’t half-ass your daily exercise, and you won’t forget to track your calories. Build up and maintain your motivation, and you’ll succeed. You’ll be a winner.

There you go, 5 simple and pretty straightforward steps you can take as soon as today to start losing weight. Be sure to check any of the links scattered throughout the post to learn more, and if you think you’re ready to go to the next level of weight loss, head over here.

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