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top 5 reasons to lose weight

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We all know that more and more people are becoming overweight and obese, but what I only found out recently was that in a...

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City to surf is in 3 weeks.That's right, the running event that I supposedly train the entire year for, is in just 3 weeks....

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These are the 5 excuses I hear most often in emails received by readers. I'm gonna tell you why each one is bullshit, and...

Daily Routines Are Vital

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Yeah that's right I said vital. Vital as in, you NEED to follow daily routines if you want to achieve weight loss. If you...

how to get motivated

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Without further ado, here is the followup to my post about motivation. While yesterday I merely told you how important motivation is, today I'm...

motivation to lose weight

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What's your motivation to lose weight?"I want to have more energy, and be able to do physically active things like play sports or partake...