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City to surf is in 3 weeks.That's right, the running event that I supposedly train the entire year for, is in just 3 weeks....

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Before you read the article below, click here to watch a video presentation for a complete weight loss solution for women. What's the most common...

i exercise and can't lose weight

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I've had quite a few people email me with sob stories along the lines of "I exercise and can't lose weight! What should I...

Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

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Working out at home is great. There's no membership fees, no travelling to and from the gym, and no-one else using the equipment. If...

fat burning exercises at the gym

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So you've finally managed to come up with enough courage and money to join a gym. You walk in, see all the crazy looking...

Gym Back Exercises For Men

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So you came here looking for some back exercises, ey? Want to sculpt a sexy, broad back rippling with muscle? That's cool, and we'll...