Best Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

Best Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

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Best Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

A gym membership is expensive, and a lot of people can’t afford to buy one. This post will detail the best exercises for weight loss AT HOME, and for the most part, will cost you nothing. Some of the exercises however will require a swimming pool or a tractor, so if you do not own either of these luxury items, skip the corresponding exercise.

  1. Skipping

    Skipping is a cheap, fun, and badass way to lose weight. Just buy a skipping rope for $5-50 from your local sports shop, or make one yourself out of a piece of rope, and start skipping. When I skip, I just go as fast as I can while keeping balance and trying not to fall over. It’s a decent enough game plan but if you want a proper routine, this might be more your style.

  2. Jogging

    If you’ve read any of my posts about jogging, you’ll know how much I love it. You’ve got two choices with jogging, outdoors or treadmill. Outdoors has the advantage of fresh air, beautiful scenery, and fully customizable running courses and tracks. You can also jog with a friend, increasing morale and pushing you further than what is possible when going solo. The treadmill is isolated inside your house, so you can do it where there are no judgmental eyes, you can watch TV to take your mind off the boringness of it all, and you can do it rain or shine, snow or hail, day or night.

  3. Cycling

    If you already own or are willing to purchase a bike, cycling is a fantastic exercise for weight loss. With the wind blowing on your face, your calf and quad muscles burning with that sweet sweet pain, and your throat drier than the Sahara desert, cycling truly is a unique experience. Cycling to and from work is also a great way to lose weight, and you’ll find that a lot of people do it! Find someone you work with who also rides to work, and join them.

  4. Swimming

    If you own a pool or are in the process of getting one installed, look into swimming. It’s more chilled out that cycling or jogging (strictly in the context of weight loss), but it’s also sufficiently challenging and worthwhile. It’s probably also the safest exercise to start with, as the water lessens the pressure on your joints.

  5. Star jumps

    Really easy to perform and also really easy to work up a sweat while doing them. They’re a bit of fun and a good replacement if you’re getting bored by doing the same exercise every day. Also, you look so cool while performing them. There are a few variations with star jumps, but this is the type that I do.

  6. Tractor pull

    This one’s not entirely serious, but if you DO own a tractor or live/visit a farm that has a tractor, why not try pulling it? It’s a great test of your upper body strength, and if you are strong enough to pull it, it is a great workout for both your upper body and weight loss.

  7. Step aerobics

    As a kid I always hated the aerobics on TV in the morning before cartoons, but now, I love aerobics! Super easy to do, just get something you can use as a step and whack on an aerobics video and get to work.

I wouldn’t call these the best exercises for weight loss (but I already did, so let’s ignore that), but they’re all very effective exercises if you’re trying to lose weight. For more weight loss exercises and diets, check out some of my other posts. If you’re interested in purchasing a weight loss program to set it all out for you, which is, admittedly, the easiest path to weight loss, I’d recommend you checkout Fat Loss Factor.

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