Bad Food Makes Me Feel Bad

Bad Food Makes Me Feel Bad

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Bad Food Makes Me Feel Bad

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to eat bad food? I have, and honestly, I get this feeling at least once a week. I’ll think something like “you know what? I could really go for a greasy burger and chips” or “it’d be awesome if I could have some chocolate pudding and ice cream”.

Now, after years of being good and healthy I’ve taught myself how to not give in to these desirous thoughts, but every so often I decide to take the plunge and eat something incredibly unhealthily.

The result? I feel really shit. You mightn’t be able to sympathize with me on this, or maybe you can, but whenever I eat bad food like pizza or chips or ice cream, I just don’t feel 100%.

Take last weekend as an example, I was at my dads house with my sister for dinner and none of us could be bothered cooking, so we decided to get some pizza. No big deal I thought, a few pieces of pizza in an otherwise near-perfect diet shouldn’t be an issue.

I was so wrong. Immediately after eating the pizza I felt bloated, I felt nauseated, and I just felt really bad. This might seem crazy, but I swear the pizza made me feel less happy than usual. It didn’t stop there though, I didn’t get back to my normal full-of-energy awesome self for a whole day.

So what the hell? What is it about pizza and other unhealthy foods that does this?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question either, I honestly don’t know exactly what it is about bad foods that makes me feel so shitty. I’ll do some research and get back to you on that, eventually…. Probably.

Bad Food Makes Me Feel Bad

This is the criteria I compare my food against. If it won’t go off, I won’t eat it.

What was the point of this post? Well, I didn’t really have a point other than that I wanted to let you know how bad food affects me. If you’re the same, all the more reason to cut it out and never look back. I always used to look at it as a curse, wondering why my favourite foods made me feel bad, but now it’s the exact opposite. Whenever I get a hankering for pizza or anything deep fried or full of oils and fat, I just think “nope, you’re going to feel terrible if you eat this, have some sushi or chicken instead”, and I avoid it.

So just take this as a warning. If your eating habits are making you feel bloated, sick, or even sad, CHANGE YOUR DIET! I’m telling you, eating healthy really does make you feel great.

And happy.

And you’ll lose weight and look good.

And healthy food tastes good.

So just do it.

Don’t know how to eat healthy? That’s fine, I’ve got a whole section devoted to diet right here. Now you have no excuse :P

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