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Formerly overweight. Lost 60 pounds in a year. Hard work, dedication, rigorous training, strict diet. Personal Trainer. Paleo enthusiast."If you follow my advice, I WILL help you achieve your goals."
How Much Fiber For Weight Loss

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Fiber plays a key part in weight loss, and chances are you aren't getting enough of the stuff. So what is fibers role in...

Healthy Diet Benefits

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Different people have different ideas of what makes a diet healthy. In my opinion, a healthy diet is any diet that mainly consists of...

Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

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Working out at home is great. There's no membership fees, no travelling to and from the gym, and no-one else using the equipment. If...

fat burning exercises at the gym

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So you've finally managed to come up with enough courage and money to join a gym. You walk in, see all the crazy looking...

Gym Back Exercises For Men

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So you came here looking for some back exercises, ey? Want to sculpt a sexy, broad back rippling with muscle? That's cool, and we'll...

healthy diet for picky eaters

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It's hard to lose weight when you're a picky eater. It's even harder when you don't know if the few foods you do like...