5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being Overweight

5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being Overweight

These are the 5 excuses I hear most often in emails received by readers. I’m gonna tell you why each one is bullshit, and why the only reason you’re overweight is because you are choosing to be.


  1. I’ve tried really hard, as hard as I possibly could, but I just can’t seem to lose weight. Where to begin with this one? First up, it’s complete bullshit. If you tried hard to lose weight, and I mean REALLY hard, you would have seen SOME results. Even if you were following the most messed-up backwards-ass weight loss plan out there. If you tried your hardest, you would have at least SOMETHING to show for it, no matter how small. So what does that mean? It means you haven’t tried your hardest – and that’s ok, because you’re here now and ready to try again, right? Despite what you and what most other people believe, losing weight isn’t THAT hard. 5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being OverweightAll you have to do is eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more. If you made one healthy diet swap, exercised for 15 minutes a day, and ate 10% less at every meal, you would probably lose 10-15 pounds over the span of a year. While 15 pounds in a year isn’t biggest loser territory, it’s still a great amount, and you don’t really have to do much to attain it. Head over to this post to learn more about how to start losing weight the right way.
  2. I’m just too busy. It’s really hard managing a job/study/kids/life. Yeah, maybe. I get it, life is hard. You’ve got a shitty job you hate, a bitch ex-wife, and 3 ungrateful kids who don’t even give you their full attention when you try to speak with them. The last thing you should be worrying about is diet and exercise, right? No, not right, you excuse seeking quitter. Do you want to die an early death? Do you want to miss all those special family moments because you were in a hospital bed dying from a completely preventable disease caused by your sedentary and sloth-like lifestyle? I hope you said no.
    5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being Overweight

    Don’t be this guy. He’s “too busy with life” to be healthy, and because of this died at age 32.

    Let’s put it in another way. Imagine, for a moment, that you managed to lose weight! You’re now at a very healthy weight range, you’re no longer out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs, and it looks like you just might live past the age of 50. Good for you! “How did you achieve that?!” people will ask, “You had the busiest life! How did you find the time?!” What will your answer be? Hell if I know, you’re the one who needs to free up some time to lose weight, or die. 15 minutes a day is all it takes to get started. Your call buddy.

  3. I’ll just have one piece of pie, my diet can wait until tomorrow. No, no, no, NO, NO! You’ve watched enough shitty television to know that the lovable chubster who says “oh I’ll start my diet tomorrow! Pie now! OMNOMNOM” never actually starts his diet! So why do you think you’ll be different?! You’ve been conditioned to fail since the day you were born, don’t make it harder on yourself by putting shit off to the next day. Start the diet today, or you never will. That means right now, while you’re reading this very sentence.
    5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being Overweight

    You’ll keep putting it off until it’s too late. Don’t let that happen! Start today!

    How do you change your diet? Good question! Super glad you asked. First of all, when we change our diet it isn’t a temporary thing. “dieting” is bullshit. Think about it, you eat healthily (and often way way way under caloric maintenance), and after you hit your weight loss goals, you… go back… to your bad eating habits…? The fuck? That is idiocy, plain and simple. No, when I talk about diet I mean a permanent change. Don’t worry, you’ll start slow and phase out bad food over a period of weeks, months, and even years. Hell, I still eat bad food occasionally, but I can because I’m at a point where I do so much exercise my diet can take a hit or two and I’ll still look great. Anyway, start making changes to your diet today or you never will. Where do you start? Checkout one of our diet posts for starters, maybe this one. Start today. Like right now.

  4. I’m overweight because of injury/disease. I can’t lose weight now you fucking asshole! This one’s a bit tricky. Sure, if you’re paralyzed from the neck down there’s no way you can exercise regularly. If you have a heart condition where any physical exertion can cause a heart attack, then yeah, you probably shouldn’t be exercising. These are very extreme cases though, and the vast majority of people who say that a disease/ilness/injury is holding them back are talking shit. One of my favourite quotes is “you can’t control what happens to you in life, but you can control how you react.” Don’t react by feeling sorry for yourself and giving up, that’s easy. Anyone can do that.
    5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being Overweight

    Look at this guy, missing half an arm and he doesn’t even care. Be him.

    Wouldn’t you rather say “fuck it” and beat the odds? So you’ve got a bad back, or you’ve got asthma, or maybe you’re missing an arm. People have suffered through much worse in order to achieve their goals, so why can’t you? Take a look at this video, this guy is missing an arm yet he’s managed to take his body to a level most people will never achieve. Did he sit around bitching about how he only has one arm? Probably not. Even if he did, he still got off his ass and put in the time and effort required to accomplish his dream.

  5. I don’t deserve to lose weight. I’m a terrible human being and a blight on society. I’m just gonna go eat an entire tub of ice cream and cry myself to sleep. This one is a huge issue. If your opinion of yourself is this low, then I’m afraid I may not possess the adequate skills required to help you. But hey, that hasn’t stopped me from trying before, so I’m gonna go for it. Working backwards, don’t eat the entire tub of ice-cream, that will just continue the perpetual cycle of weight gain. Fat Bastard said it best; “I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle.” It really is a vicious cycle, and the only way to break out of it is by having the strength to put the icecream (or the donuts, the pie, the chips, the deep fried chicken, etc) in the bin. You’re not a bad person, you’re just overweight. The two aren’t related at all, so I don’t really know where this comes from.
    5 Excuses You Use To Justify Being Overweight

    You’re not a waste of space, and you DO deserve to lose weight. Don’t be this guy, he’s really sad because he’s overweight.

    If anyone gives you shit, they can get fucked. Just use their judgemental asshole-ness to rise up and change yourself. Not for them, but for you. And finally, you absolutely DO deserve to lose weight. Nobody deserves to be uhappy, and I know exactly how unhappy I was when I was overweight. It was terrible, I hated every second of it. I even thought the same way, that I didn’t deserve to lose weight, but I don’t know, something snapped one day and I just started making changes. The most important thing for you if you’re at that point of self-hatred and low self-confidence is to change the way you think about yourself (obviously), and the best way to do this is by losing weight. So try to put all the hatred and sadness away for now and focus on giving weight loss another chance, when you succeed you’ll find that the sadness and self-hate has vanished, and all that will be left is self-love, acceptance, and happiness. Read up on all of our motivation posts, and then really give it your all.


So there you have it, 5 of the most common excuses I read in emails completely shot down and reduced to nothing more than mere ashes. Now that you’ve got nothing holding you back, it’s time to take action and be the shaper of your destiny. Say no to obesity and being overweight, and say yes to a healthy life full of happiness, abundance, energy, and positivity.


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